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 Shunda CPAs was founded in Shanghai in 2003, the main services are: Financial Statement Audits, Capital Verification, Special Purpose Audits, Social Insurance Audits as well as Other Special Audits.


Shunda CPAs also provides Tax Advisory Service (Financial Advisory and Tax Advisory ) for domestic enterprise and overseas enterprise.


Shunda CPAs provides Audit Advisory Service for companies with access to capital markets, which includes NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations), SEE (Shanghai Equity Exchange) and so on.


The core members of the team have been worked in Big Four and Famous National Accounting Firms, who are good at the following services:

(1) Help SMEs access to the capital markets: Managing Accounts, Establishing Equity Structure, Managing the History of the Company, Training Board Secretary and Analyzing Tax Influence. Such as Consolidating the Internal and External Accounts, Consolidating a series of accounts, Matching the Revenue and Costs, Solving the structure problems of assets and liabilities and Planning the Profits of the Company.

(2) Provide after-floatation services for SMEs includes: help companies disclosures the Financial Statements and Materiality Information as well as provide guidance on finance.

(3) Tax Advisory Service for SMEs includes: Tax for Equity Exchange, Tax for Property Transfer and Tax for Mergers and Acquisitions.